February Feature: With the Grain

With the Grain

One sunny April day, after buying my very first car, I was driving down Victoria St and just couldn’t stop. I eventually pulled up to the most amazing bakery and café tucked away on Woolwich St in Guelph, Ontario. Two quaint houses, With the Grain Café and With the Grain Bakery, located directly across the street from one another.

Every element has aesthetic as well as purpose…much like their locally sourced, hand crafted food and treats.

That was the first of many times I would take a quick drive to enjoy some freshly baked bread, seasonal soup and a couple of their famous lemon squares to go.

Café & Bakery


The rustic front door opens to a colouful and comforting space. Brightly painted walls, stained glass light fixtures and wooden elements create a whimsical and inviting feeling.

Your senses come alive as you take your first breath of freshly made cinnamon buns or hand-made bread.

It doesn’t take long for your eye to wander in an attempt to find the source of this amazing aroma.

Display cases filled with a hand-crafted selection of squares,  cupcakes, tarts and other baked goods demands the attention of the first room of this cheerful space.

All treats are prepared from scratch with the finest ingredients and no fillers. It’s hard to believe when you take a bite that a little flour, sugar, butter, eggs, hand squeezed lemon juice and fresh lemon zest could taste so good.

Their delicious and decadent baked goods are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

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With the grain – Lemon Square

Artisanal Bread

First and foremost their focus is on baked goods and artisanal breads. These items are also made available for sale in the Bakery across the street and are the basis of most of the menu items (and the highlight of my visits).

Immediately upon arrival the air is filled with the scent of freshly baked bread and is inescapable to any gluten lover. However, they also have tailored their breads to include options for those with sensitivities, by having a multitude of gluten-friendly options.

Spelt Sourdough is made with organic spelt flour, making it perfect for those looking for a gluten reduced option. There’s also a number of baked goods, salads and wraps to choose from.

Their Artisnal Bread Schedule is posted online and keeps regulars informed of the next time their favoutites can be expected. The list includes so many, but some of my favorites are: Buttermilk Cornmeal,  Cheese & Garlic Sourdough, Sesame Bagels, Oatmeal and Fruit & Nut.


With full table service and a beautiful patio during the summer months, it’s hard to resist sitting down for lunch.

Wholesome, house-made and quality are the fundamentals of With the Grain’s menu; comprised of baked goods, artisanal breads, soups, salads, sandwiches and breakfast.

The beauty of their menu is the simplicity and flexibility of it.

Locally sourced and fresh. With the Grain offers so many delicious options for Breakfast or Lunch. Sandwiches, wraps, feature soups salads and baked goods fill the menu, making it difficult to choose your hearty meal.

What I love most is their attention to guests’ needs by creating portion sizes that allow you to try a bit of everything. My go to is a half sandwich and cup of soup combo, which is fairly priced, and leaves me room for dessert.

Familiar family favourites and comfort without the guilt. All components are local, carefully sourced and fresh.

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B.A.T.H Half Sandwich + Cup of Soup
Soup & Salad

The best accompaniment to any delicious bread is a hearty cup of home-made soup or chili. These creations feature seasonal organic produce and are made fresh daily. With the Grain’s signature veggie chili is also a fan favouite, served with sour cream, grated cheese, and a slice of bread and of course, butter.

Advertised on whimsical chalkboards and online, these delicious daily soups are easy to add as a side. For the love and care that goes into each spoon full, it also comes at a great price. Cup 6.50, Bowl 7.50.

Keeping things in their simplistic style, they offer a choice of three mouth-watering salads: House Salad, Kale and Romaine Caesar Salad and Quinoa & Orange Salad.

Processed with VSCO
Monday: Tomato Basil Soup
The Pantry

As if the line up wasn’t tasty enough, they also offer a line of house-made specialty items sold in the pantry so you can take the goodness home with you.

A wide selection of chutneys, jams, granolas, spiced nuts & seeds as well as seasonal preserves; even dog teats are seasonally available.

All of these items are made with the same attention to quality and transparency that you can expect from With the Grain.


With their “from scratch” philosophy, With the Grain features an array of foods that are organic and locally sourced.

They have developed a network by supporting local food providers to cater to their health conscious community and customers.

Each ingredient is carefully selected, making these treats not only delicious, but also healthy, a combination that is not easily achieved by most.

Elements of each menu item feature ingredients from local partners and suppliers, most of which are certified organic such as: Ignatius Organic FarmBlack River Juices and SpritzersPine River CheesePlanet Bean and ONFC (Ontario Natural Food Co-op) just to name a few. To see their full list of suppliers, visit With the Grain’s website!

From organic spelt flour, cornmeal and spelt flakes, provided by Oak Manor in Tavistock, to free run eggs from Blue Haven, found at the Guelph Farmer’s Market, it is apparent that attention and care is taken when making selections.

The approach to the design from product to table resonates a comfortable and welcoming feeling. Yellow cheerful walls reflect the pure flavours and colours found in their goods.

The epitome of great atmosphere all wrapped up in a small adorable package.

Reminding you of times in your Grandma’s kitchen. Every element of the environment leaves you feeling better than when you arrived.

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With the Grain – Guelph

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