March Feature: The Yeti

The Yeti Café

This charming Café and Eatery is one of my most favourite places to frequent for a late breakfast or lunch. Stationed downtown Kitchener at 14 Eby Street North, its’ front porch and outdoor dining space is conveniently placed across the street from the Kitchener Farmers Market.

With their eclectic décor and impressive menu this serves a an excellent meeting place for family & friends to connect over delicious treats and fine coffee.

Located in one of the bustling parts of the downtown core, The Yeti provides a comforting place to spend some down time. Although they have 3o seats inside, which quickly fill up on Market days, their outdoor dining area doubles their capacity in the spring & summer months.

Whimsical details are sprinkled around the café and offers you lots of eye candy while you’re waiting to place your order.

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Even their table markers have been replaced with toys that add fun a little to your day. One day you might get a unicorn, another day you might have a German Shepard to bide your time before your food arrives. Family friendly appeal and quirky atmosphere make it easy to fall in love with The Yeti’s charm.


The myriad of options can be overwhelming at first, but hang in there, The Yeti is sure to have that specific drink or snack you’ve been craving.

Fine Coffee

Whether you’re looking for a cup of piping hot java or a matcha latte with almond milk and Ontario raw honey, the café caters to all caffeine junkies and non caffeine lovers a-like. Beekeeping It Real honey, raw sugar and many varieties of lactose-free options for your hot or cold beverage are readily available at the bar.

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The Yeti

The Yeti is known for their signature Lemonade and Iced Coffee to quench your thirst in the summer months. A Yeti twist is added to these classics by the fusion of fresh mint in their Lemonade or filling your Iced coffee with coffee ice cubes. They also carry Kawartha ice cream if you are craving a cone of the finest dairy ice cream in Ontario.


The menu consists of all day breakfast, daily omelettes, wraps and sandwiches galore. What sets The Yeti apart is their attention to quality ingredients with a focus on catering to vegan and other dietary needs. They support local produce with emphasis on keeping it seasonal.

Saturdays they feature fresh pretzels and baked goods from Grain Harvest and ooey gooey house-made cinnamon rolls. These go fast so make sure you get in early.

Sandwich Stopping Place

Whether your craving a Country Club ($9), Vegan BLT ($7.50), or their famous Sasquatch ($7.50), there’s something to squash any hunger (no pun intended). House-made coconut jazcon is a great vegan supplement for bacon that can be substituted on any sandwich.

Quality local ingredients and fresh buns and bread take every sandwich to the next level.

Locally sourced and fresh is the name of the game. The yeti prides themselves on delivering hearty, health-conscious comfort food, with a twist. The Terry Pender sandwich is a shining example of how something as simple as a grilled cheese can be transformed into a gourmet fusion of flavour. Aged cheddar, apple slices, bacon and maple syrup on served up on 7 grain bread, for only $7.50,  will have you coming back for more.

By catering to dietary needs, without compromising taste, The Yeti has grown a loyal following of vegetarian customers that swear by their Happy Burger. Made with beets, chickpeas and quinoa, this vegetarian burger is unlike any you might have had before. Topped with pickles, tomato, local greens and sriracha aioli and of course a fresh farmer’s bun, this delicious burger is a steal at $8.

Plates to Remember

The Omelette ($13) is a hearty plate made with seasonal ingredients daily, served with salad, delicious crispy hash browns or the option to have half and half if you can’t decide. Swiss French Toast ($13)  with hazelnut French toast, grated apple, aged cheddar and maple syrup with oats as garnish and Buckwheat Pancakes ($12) satisfy any sweet tooth without the guilt.

2017-03-10 12.57.39 2.jpg
The Brekkie

When I first saw this Brekkie menu I thought they had made it specifically for me, the idea of building my own breakfast with so many things to choose from was refreshing. For only $13 you can choose any four items (I went a little overboard as you can see): eggs, bacon, peameal, fennel sausage, jazcon, regular or sweet potato hash or mixed, fried tomato, avocado, halloumi (my favourite cheese), salad with organic bagel or sourdough toast.

I’m not the only one who thinks this breakfast rocks, in 2016, The Yeti won Waterloo Region’s community edition, for best breakfast in WR.

 Wrapped in Something

Few things are better than a Breakfast Burrito ($12) with roasted seasonal vegetables, black beans, egg and cheddar topped with a kick of cilantro sour cream and chipotle salsa rolled in a tortilla. The Buddha Bundle ($9) is a wonderful asian inspired vegan option that is nutritious and satisfying. Collard wrap filled with peppers, greens, carrots and soy curd & slaw with a yeast dressing.


The Yeti maintains a strong following and frequently posts features and announcements on their Facebook page. They are well versed in the Downtown community and support many local businesses and specialty suppliers such as Fertile Ground Farm, Grainharvest, Beekeeping It Real, and Kawartha Dairy.

Their new sandwich Doug, is great example of this support, featuring Mennonite back bacon, havarti, dill pickles and Kellsons small batch maple mustard.   The space the café occupies used to be Grainharvest Breadhouse and they stay true to the community by offering the bakery’s bread and products.

They challenge the way people view healthy eating by creating a health conscious menu without compromising taste.

The result is a café that changes with the seasons and adds comfort as well as nutrition to your day. I encourage you to discover this fantastic place for yourself, your taste buds won’t be able to contain themselves.

To read more about The Yeti visit their Facebook page or read their feature in The Record by Mathew McCarthy.


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