April Feature: Settlement Co. Downtown Kitchener

Settlement Co.

Eatery • Meeting place • Coffee roaster

Downtown Kitchener: 1 Victoria St. S, Kitchener

Uptown Waterloo: 23 King St. N, Waterloo

Instagram: @_settlementco

Upon your arrival to either Settlement location (Uptown Waterloo or Downtown Kitchener), there is an air of excitement of having discovered something extraordinary. Their concept and design would impress even the most seasoned coffee connoisseur. Since Settlements’ opening in 2015 and second location in 2017, they have quickly become industry leaders.

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Settlement Co. Kitchener

This urban social cafe is home to many regulars already and quickly becoming the place to go if you’re meeting a friend, conducting business, or just waking up in Kitchener’s Downtown.

“Our hard work and dedication to roasting is in respect to the farmers who work year round to produce the coffees that are enjoyed around the world everyday”.

President of Grin & Grind, Rob Theodosiou says, “We have handpicked talented individuals to bring you the best coffee and hospitality experience.” This take on paying homage to local, quality and honest indigents is what sets this company apart from most. They describe their approach to coffee as “one of passion”, and you can taste the difference in every cup.

Coffee Roaster

“Our approach to coffee is one of passion,” says Nick Hollier, manager at Settlement Co. Uptown Waterloo. “It’s our aim to emphasize these characteristics by roasting each coffee individually, not to a predetermined roast depth” said Ben Schabner.

2017-04-14 07.43.04 2.jpg
Flat White – Settlement Co. Kitchener

People are tasting the difference, with numerous wholesale accounts and growing, it is easy to find some to make yourself a cup at home. In stock now at Cafe’s and Gourmet Grocers like: Vincenzo’s, Victoria St. Market, Raintree Cafe, Casa Rugantino, Goodness Me, Fiddleheads, David’s Gourmet, Elora Bread, J&P Grocery, Just Love Pie, Eating Well Organically, Abe Erb (drip only), Q’s Cakes and Cafe, Grand Trunk Saloon, and Press Juice Co. (Collingwood).


Settlement Co. offers four signature coffee blends: Neighbour, Convert, Philosopher and Gonzo, as well as feature blends of select green coffee beans. Each brew has unique flavour profiles depending on its origin.



ORIGIN: Brazil

TASTING NOTES: Big body, orange zest + caramel, with a citrus acidity

VARIETAL: Peaberry

PROCESS: Natural

FARMER: Gabriel C. Dias



ORIGIN: Brazil, Columbia

TASTING NOTES: Big body, orange zest + caramel, with a citrus acidity

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Caturra

PROCESS: Pulped natural, washed

FARMER: Gabriel C. Dias, Jose Barbabe Toro



ORIGIN: Brazil, Columbia

TASTING NOTES: Floral, citrus + stone fruits,  well-balanced with a cocoa nib finish


PROCESS: Pulped natural

FARMER: Mixed varietal from a blend of small farms



ORIGIN: Brazil

TASTING NOTES: Big body, toasty nut with a mild sweetness

VARIETAL: Peaberry

PROCESS: Natural

Organic Nitro Cold Brew

BLEND: Brazil, Guatemala, and Nicaragua

  • Rich + smooth, well balanced with a
    natural sweetness
  • 60% less acidic = bolder taste
  • More concentrated = more caffeine
  • Keeps for up to 4 weeks

Apart from their own freshly roasted coffee, Settlement has a production line of Organic Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, brewed at sister company, Abe Erb, in Uptown Waterloo.

It has a robust and concentrated taste, compared to traditional coffee, due to the difference in the brewing process. Their organic line includes whole bean coffee (blend, decaf, and single origin) as well as Organic Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Their nitro cold brew coffee is made from single-origin coffee beans and water and contains no preservatives, artificial flavours, sweetener, or dairy. They believe that this is currently the only Certified Organic cold brew available in Canada.

Best served straight out of the bottle, over ice or with milk. There are also a slurry of mixed drinks, cocktails and specialty coffee recipes that can be made with cold brew. Click here to read more.

Settlement Co. recently gained organic certification through EcoCert Canada and are extremely proud to be the only roaster in the Waterloo Region offering EcoCert Certified Organic coffee beans and coffee products. As artisan roasters, how they source, roast, and serve our coffee carries with it an inherent “think before you drink” mentality.

The ability to offer Certified Organic coffee enables Settlement Co. to share their passion for providing an eco-friendly and health-conscious coffee option to consumers without sacrificing taste or quality.

Steampunk Craft Brewing Machine

The Steampunk machine is a state of the art brewing system that specializes in making the perfect cup of coffee or tea. After a precise volume of water is released into the upper chamber, it is heated with steam to the perfect brew temperature. This can vary depending on the roast and can be automated as a preset into the integrated tablet.

Once the water is to temperature, add desired ground coffee or loose leaf tea through a piston inserted in the top tank. The next step is re-infusion through gentle pules of steam that dose water over the coffee or tea. After a few moments, a full immersion takes place, where additional steam pulses agitate the mixture. The result is an accelerated extraction and distribution of dissolved solids.

The last step is extraction once the brew process is completed. A valve opens between the chambers and a low pressure from condensed steam draws the liquid to the lower chamber. Pour and serve.

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Steampunk Craft Brewing System – Settlement Co. Kitchener

Interview with Co-Founder of Settlement Co. and Abe Erb, Tony Theodosiou.

What are the advantages to using a Steampunk system?
The extraction is “more manipulative in every step of the brew process”. The Steampunk system is integrated into a tablet, which keeps track of “logs for extraction times, pressure, and agitation periods”. The logs provide a basis for a “comprehensive trial and error process” of finding the perfect presets for each roast. This allows them to constantly “hone in on what is possibly a better recipe than the last, making it the most fun way to make coffee be the best it can be”.


The menu consists of a toast bar and waffles (exclusively available at the Kitchener location). They support artisans of craft products with emphasis on keeping it community driven.

If you don’t fancy toast or waffles (hard to believe I know) they also offer an assortment of squares, muffins, cookies and gluten free options as well. No time to eat? Grab a Goodvibes cold pressed juice to tie you over.


Available from 11am – 8pm every day, at the Kitchener location only. The newly-launched waffle menu, developed by Executive Chef, Alex Fegaras (at Abe Erb), is comprised of many sweet and savoury options. Ranging in price from $3.50 to $11.85, these scrumptious waffles are generous (for the price point) and gourmet. A guilty pleasure to be enjoyed solo or shared with friends. 

Idealist – Beer stout whipped cream + icing sugar blend + maple syrup

Waffles are great on their own, but at Settlement they take it a step further by adding a mixture of tasty elements to create something special. They’ve got something for everyone. A light eater? They offer a Snacker, quarter waffle with chocolate or caramel drizzle and icing sugar blend.

From the basic Gatherer (strawberry and blueberry jam topped with fresh seasonal fruit), to the Conquerer (prosciutto, bacon, tomato and mixed greens, with beer stout whipped cream), they deliver greatness.

“The Tourist is my favourite, says Alex Fegaras, as it’s familiar yet presented in a new and colourful way”. His idea is to bring you out of your comfort zone and redefine what you expect from a waffle bar.

There are also gluten-friendly options for those of you drooling, who have dietary restrictions. The best news yet is that these will soon be available in the Uptown waterloo location.

Toast Bar

Breaking bread is also a pillar of community and Settlement offers, just that. Toast is a breakfast basic and they know how you like to eat it. The Toast Bar menu consist of quirky descriptive names that explain the person who’s ordering it.

Are you a Wanderer ($5.50), like me? Then you’d love your toast topped with almond butter, granola and honey drizzle. More of a Traveler ($5.50), then energize on egg,  hearty avocado spread and mixed greens. Whatever you are craving, they have it. You could also opt to make you own concoction.

Outsider + Wanderer + Flat White – Settlement Co. Kitchener

The newest addition to the Toast Bar menu is the Dealer ($5.50), and rightfully so, as it showcases Black Market Hummus (from a local friend of the company), tomato and balsamic drizzle. The basis of most of these delectable dishes is fresh bread made by Elora Bread Trading Company, who’s motto is: “break good bread”. It is no coincidence that these companies of like minds have come together to create a prosperous community. This is due to the high regard for quality ingredients and craftsmanship that Settlement values.


A Settlement by definition is a place where people establish a community. “Settlement Co. is the midpoint…it’s a place to gather, to learn the news of the day and to discuss matters of mutual concern”.

Originally the townships of Waterloo and Woolwich were divided into three settlements, which we now call St. Jacobs, Waterloo and Kitchener (then named Berlin). These settlements were connected by a nervous system of one main road, County Road #8, now known better as King St.

The idea of community goes beyond the name and is incorporated into the concept, design and suppliers that comprise it. President of Grin & Grind, Rob Theodosiou, describes Settlement Co. as being “all about investing in the specialties of other people. Artisans who are deeply skilled in their craft.”.

“It’s about taking the time to appreciate the simple things; like a hand crafted cup of coffee and good conversation.”

Settlement is known for their integration of technology to help guests have a more enjoyable time and feel more comfortable in the space. Whether it’s charging your phone on Uptown’s Powermat or enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee made with the Steampunk in Kitchener; Settlement has what you need to go about your day.  “It’s a big added value for our patrons”, says Rob Theodosiou.

The element of community is reflected in the design of the space. The main area looks out to the busy street with a wall of floor to ceiling windows, framing each moment as an art piece to those looking out.

2017-04-14 07.43.07 1.jpg
Retail Coffee – Settlement Co. Kitchener

They have large communal tables for meeting friends, or making new ones. Inviting you in to sit as you walk in. There is a mezzanine to the left of the cafe with additional seating and offer a more private space to work. Below the mezzanine there are booths that provide an area to cozy up for hours of studying or for a business meeting. All of these considerations were premeditated to ensure the best guest experience.

The Scandinavian design is modern yet cozy. Touches of familiarity, like the herringbone pattern are present, and link the Uptown and Downtown spaces. The patterned floor in Waterloo, is reintroduced in the organically shaped bar in Kitchener.

Artist, architect and interior designer at PD Labs, Stephanie Boutari adds a much needed whimsy to the industrious space. The hand painted steampunk mural spans the south wall and leads our eye around the cafe.

Interview with Co-Founder of Settlement Co. and Abe Erb, Tony Theodosiou.

How does the Steampunk theme relate to the Sco brand?
“The Steampunk machine is showcased”, visible from all angles and is integrated into the theme of the coffee shop by steampunk elements scattered throughout. “Hand painted steampunk art”, by Stephanie Boutari, is featured along the main walls and leads the eye “from the Steampunk machine to the retail area”.
How does the design of Settlement make it more community driven?
Local artisans were invited into the space to decorate and add an element of community. The design of Settlement “invites people to hang out, for long periods of time, there are not too many business models out there that invite this type of interaction”.

Settlement Co. eatery, meeting place and coffee roaster. It’s where you’ve started your day since 2015 and now Sco has opened its’ doors to Downtown Kitchener. Discover more about this great cafe and social house here.

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