Craft Beer in London: Hidden Gems at Druid St Market

This exciting new food market is the highlight of most weekends for locals and tourists alike. Specializing in selling fresh produce, street food, craft beer and new innovative products like cultured butter, all along the arches on Druid Street. The craft market scene has become much more popular, and a worthy stop if you’re in the neighbourhood.


April Feature: Settlement Co. Downtown Kitchener

Upon your arrival to either Settlement location (Uptown Waterloo or Downtown Kitchener), there is an air of excitement of having discovered something extraordinary. Their concept and design would impress even the most seasoned coffee connoisseur. Since Settlements’ opening in 2015 and second location in 2017, they have quickly become industry leaders.

March Feature: The Yeti

With their eclectic décor and impressive menu, The Yeti is an excellent meeting place for family and friends to connect over delicious treats and a fine cup of coffee.

February Feature: With the Grain

The approach to the design from product to table resonates a comfortable and welcoming feeling. Yellow cheerful walls reflect the pure flavours and colours found in their goods.

The epitome of great atmosphere all wrapped up in a small adorable package. Reminding you of times in your Grandma’s kitchen. Every element of the environment leaves you feeling better than when you arrived.