March Feature: The Yeti

With their eclectic décor and impressive menu, The Yeti is an excellent meeting place for family and friends to connect over delicious treats and a fine cup of coffee.


Cooking With Beer & Why You Should Try It

The Craft beer community has blown up into a large industry over the past decade. With the emergence of Breweries and Brew Pubs in cities large and small across Canada, the idea of pairing food with beer has become more common. This developed into adding beer to recipes to facilitate pairings as well as create a more complex flavour profiles. In an effort to seek quality ingredients, it is only natural that the Craft beer connoisseur has embraced using beer and beer byproducts to achieve this.

February Feature: With the Grain

The approach to the design from product to table resonates a comfortable and welcoming feeling. Yellow cheerful walls reflect the pure flavours and colours found in their goods.

The epitome of great atmosphere all wrapped up in a small adorable package. Reminding you of times in your Grandma’s kitchen. Every element of the environment leaves you feeling better than when you arrived.